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All this I did Without You

February 16th, 2018 《Chinese New Year - Day 1》

In you I have found everything I want: you are beautiful, giving, gentle, idiotically and deliciously feminine, sexy, wonderfully intelligent and wonderfully silly as well.

I want nothing else in this life than to be with you, to listen and watch you (your beautiful voice, your beauty), to argue with you, to laugh with you, to show you things and share things with you, to explore your magnificent mind, to explore your wonderful body, to help you, protect you, serve you, and bash you on the head when I think you are wrong …

Not to put too fine a point on it I consider that I am the only man outside mythology to have found the crock of gold at the rainbow’s end.

I have seen a thousand sunsets and sunrises, on land where it floods forest and mountains with honey coloured light, at sea where it rises and sets like a blood orange in a multi-coloured nest of cloud, slipping in and out of the vast ocean. I have met a thousand animals and seen a thousand wonderful things …

All this I did without you. This was my loss.

All this I want to do with you. This will be my gain.

All this I would gladly have forgone for the sake of one minute of your company, for your laugh, your voice, your eyes, hair, lips, body, and above all for your sweet, ever surprising mind which is an enchanting quarry in which it is my privilege to delve.

February 16th, 2018

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不是因为不爱妳了。是妳太不懂得珍惜妳自己了! 妳是我心中的宝,妳却被别人当草! 心痛!!! 保重和好好珍惜妳自己。。。妳最珍贵!


2018年02月16日 《春节》 记得2年前的春节,我想请你吃饭,你哈哈的拒绝了我! 后来我们在一起了,但我很遗憾的从来没有机会跟你吃过年饭。。。 虽然我不在你身边,我还是一直守候着你,真心希望你快乐,安康。幸福! 只要你好,我就好。。。


2018年02月14日 《西方情人节》 不在乎天长地久, 只在乎曾经拥有! 虽然我们相处的日子很短暂,却很甜蜜。 因为我们都付出了真爱! 感恩你对我的付出, 往后的日子,都希望你幸福美满! 我只要知道你还在,我就满足了。。。